MCEA Union Summer 2018
MCEA is looking for 15 member leaders who are interested in engaging colleagues and organizing around concerns in our schools and across the county. Through our Union Summer program, you will learn the art of organizing that will enable you to help colleagues address issues and concerns that are pervasive in our buildings and throughout the County. You will have an opportunity to engage a wide variety of colleagues and have some fun doing so! Our Union Summer will consist of meeting with members, non-members and new educators to discuss the importance of a strong union and how we can organize to better exert our power to advocate for ourselves and our students.

Union Summer will take place July 23-August 17
Member leaders will receive a stipend of $400/week for approximately 5 hours/day M-F.
Members who are able to commit to all four weeks will receive a full stipend of $1600.
Training and coaching will be provided along with a daily lunch.

For those interested in being a part of Union Summer, please complete the following interest survey by June 30, 2018.
Interested members will be contacted after the July 4th holiday to set up interviews. For more information please contact MCEA Field Director, Lindsay Barrett at

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