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What does FOUND mean to you? Why are you part of this community?
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How important is it to you that FOUND continues into the future?
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Do you have any insights into how we can more fully be communally driven, rather than relying on someone to be the “pastor”?
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Are there specific ways you’d like to make a contribution to FOUND?
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Would you be happy to be on a roster to lead our conversation time?
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What are the best aspects of FOUND?
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Is there anything you feel is missing from FOUND?
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Is there anything we’re doing at the moment that you don’t think we need, or that you’d like us to do differently?
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With what frequency would you be happy to meet for our Sunday gatherings?
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How important do you think it is to meet socially outside our regular Sunday gatherings?
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What are your thoughts on our current location?
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Are there any other thoughts you’d like to share?
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