Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) Latino-Serving Nonprofit Survey
Bienvenidx! Gracias por llenar este formulario y compartir su misión y programas con nosotros
Welcome! Thank you for filling out this form and sharing with us your program and your mission.

The intention of this form is to gather valuable information that will feed into a nonprofit inventory informing us, nonprofit professionals, funders and government offices with "who does what and where" in the state including an assessment of the concentration of programming and area of service vs. Latino population in specific areas.

Upon participation, you may be elegible to join LCF as member or partner organizations. Benefits to members and partners vary and include:

- Participation in funding opportunities to support your mission and to directly benefit your clients (via scholarships, seed capital for micro-entrepreneurs and citizenship scholarships),

- We will invite you to join the Georgia Latino Complete Count Committee for 2020 and potentially apply for funding

- Receive technical assistance and participate in capacity building workshops and events FREE throughout the year. Some services within the Resource Development are will be offered at very low fees

- Receive information on opportunities to advocate / join committees to represent our community diverse voices and experiences
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Unrestricted Funding
Program Funding
Staff training and technical support
Awareness of what we do /our mission
Assistance to create strategic and fundraising plans
Advocacy training
Networking opportunities and leadership convening (connections with big players in the city)
Cultural Training to better serve Latinos/Hispanics
What are other needs we are not covering above?
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Local Private Foundations
National Foundations
Small Businesses (unrestricted donations /events)
Corporations (unrestricted donations /events)
Corporation Foundations (grants)
Government Funds (Federal & State)
Individual Donations (events or general support)
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