I want you to be IN my next book! Here are all the details, as you heard on the November 23rd episode of the That Sounds Fun Podcast.

Here is the question:
"Because the show is called That Sounds Fun, what sounds fun to you?"

Here are the rules:
- 5 words max
- do not mention me :)
- do not cuss please LOL
- we may have to edit your answer for space but the plan is to leave all 5 words

By filling out this form, you are giving us permission to use your answer in the That Sounds Fun book as well as marketing materials and online. You are also giving us permission to edit your answer if need be. And by giving us your email address, you give me permission to email you when the book is available so you can see yourself in it!

Remember only the FIRST 700 PEOPLE who give us their answer are guaranteed to be in the book!

THIS IS SO FUN. I cannot wait to see your answers!

Because the show is called That Sounds Fun, what sounds fun to you? (5 WORDS MAX) *
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What is your first name? (FIRST NAME ONLY) *
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What is your email address? (So we can let you know if we need to edit your answer and let you know when the book is out!) *
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