Summer School Registration 2019
Dates: June 10th through June 27th, Monday through Thursday

Daily Schedule:
8-8:30--Breakfast, Free
8:30-11:30--Summer school sessions (K-8)
11:30-12--Lunch, Free
12-3pm--Optional Summer Wellness & Activities (grades 1-8)

Fill out one registration for PER STUDENT

Classes are filled on a first come first serve basis. If a class is filled or not offered due to low numbers, you will be contacted with a replacement option.

Remedial classes will be added after registration is complete. You will be contacted if this is needed for your child.

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Will your child need to ride the school bus? *
Summer bus route will pick up students and drop them off at school by 8am for school breakfast and pick up from school at 3pm after summer wellness to go home. Exact pick up and drop off times will be provided by Kevin Kitchner after all registration is finished.
If your child needs to ride the bus TO SCHOOL, write the pick up address below if DIFFERENT then during the school year.
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If your child needs to ride the bus HOME, write the drop off location below if DIFFERENT then during the school year.
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FREE Breakfast @ 8:00am *
FREE Lunch @ 11:30am *
Session 1 (June 10-18, 8:30-10:00am) *
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Session 2 (June 10-18, 10:00-11:30am) *
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Session 3 (June 19-27 8:30-10:00am) *
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Session 4 (June 19-27 10:00-11:30am) *
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What are other class(es) you would be willing to take (even if they are full). Write at least one. *
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Optional Summer Wellness & Activities, 12-3pm for grades 1-8. This program is for getting students ACTIVE, we will be outside and getting sweaty! *
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