The Intercultural e-Debate Form
The Intercultural e-Debate "is an online learning platform where the skills of persuasion are developed and participants internalized a win-win philosophy.
In this online platform, activities and debates will be realized in three actions which are named
#Engage, #Connect and #Empower.

Topics of the Debate:
1. The Covid-19 pandemic has further united/separated the nations.
2. Spending more time at home because of the Covid-19 restrictions makes more/less individual conflict in your social environment such as school friends, colleagues, parents, etc.
3.Do you believe that social media platforms make it easier for you to accurately understand other cultures?

Debates will begin in January 2021. After the teams are formed, the timetable of the debate sessions will be announced on the official website of YPIDA. The timetable will also be sent to team members via e-mail.

The top three teams in the ranking will have the right to participate in the Mediators project, which we will behold in Jerusalem in September 2021, within the scope of the ErasmusPlus Program.
Terms of Use:
Debate sessions will be recorded as video and audio. By submitting this form, you accept the use of pictures and/or videos taken during the debates.

Deadline for filing the form:

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