ASUW Asian Student Commission Specialized Lead Applications 2019-2020
Thank you for your interest in the Asian Student Commission (ASC)! We are currently offering 3 specialized lead positions, as described below. All specialized lead (SL) positions require a commitment of 2 quarters, but it is recommended to be active for the entire school year. SLs are expected to be involved with the commission in some capacity for a minimum of 1-3 hrs/week. However, some weeks vary with hours being lower in some weeks and higher in times of programming events. Students from every academic year (freshmen to grad students) and various backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply!

ASC is committed to our core pillars of cultural preservation, social justice, and visibility. These SL positions are meant to be a learning opportunity for all; however, it is highly recommended that you come prepared with prior knowledge of Asian/Asian-American culture and history and/or a strong will to learn about such. We are in search of motivated, active, and caring individuals who are ready to serve the Asian/Asian-American community on the UW campus! This year we will focus a lot on intersectional identities, marginalized/underrepresented groups within the Asian community, and more! While still maintaining our cultural, political, and social ties.

For more information about the ASUW Asian Student Commission feel free to visit our platforms below:
Facebook: @ASUW Asian Student Commission
IG: @asuwasc
Twitter: @ASUW_ASC

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**************APPLICATIONS DUE: Saturday, November 16th @ 11:59pm*******************

The ASUW Asian Student Commission is excited to offer the three following Specialized Lead positions:

1. Southeast Asian (SEA) Specialized Lead
- Be a liaison to all the Southeast Asian Registered Student Organizations (RSO) on campus, specifically the Khmer Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association, Cham Student Association, Burma/Myanmar Student Association, Rising SEAs delegation, and any other SEA RSO
-Be up to date on SEA issues happening
-Serve as representative of ASC to the SEA community

2. South Asian Specialized Lead
-Be a liaison to all South Asian RSO groups
-Serve as a representative on behalf of ASC when collaborating with other South Asian groups
-Be up to date on Soth Asian issues
-Attend South Asian RSO meetings and be involved within the community

3. International Asian Specialized Lead
-Reach out to International Asian communities and RSOs & maintain the connections throughout the year
-Actively engage the International Asian communities through 1-1 meetings, going to RSO’s general meetings, online communications etc.
-Actively listen to and research on the specific needs and issues of Asian International students (e.g. representation in senate, bridge the gap between domestic students and international students)
-Work closely with Outreach intern and the Directors to facilitate ASC RSO meeting
-Optional: lead volunteer meetings and workshops

*Recommended Skills: Ties to Asian RSOs, Meeting Planning, Proficient Oral and Written Communication, and more

+While each position has a specialized community they serve, Specialized leads in ASC will be working together as a team and will be expected to attend monthly ASC meetings and bi-weekly meetings with the Outreach and Engagement Intern, and have optional 1:1 meetings with ASC Director or Assistant Director, with dates TBD once the team is finalized.

+Volunteer Benefits: Although these positions are unpaid, they are nonetheless valuable experiences through which you may find community, build transferable skills, and establish value with ASUW, ASC, and RSOs. As ASC represents one of the largest constituencies of the ASUW Diversity Commissions, there are more than enough opportunities to make professional and personal connections in the greater Seattle Asian community.
If you have any questions please contact ASC Director, Erica Owan, at or ASC Assistant Director, Lu Song, at Feel free to also drop-in at HUB131E for our office hours, our availability is online at We look forward to reading your applications.

If you'd like to talk through your application with someone, we highly encourage you to visit a writing center on campus.
Interdisciplinary Writing Studio:
Odeggard Writing & Research Center:

Volunteers are also welcome and accepted all throughout the year!
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