TU20 Expo Ambassador Application Form
Thank you for your interest in being a TU20 Ambassador for this year's Expo! Your support is invaluable to the success of the event. Visit tu20expo.eventbrite.ca for event tickets and more info. Please feel free to email info@techundertwenty.com if you have any questions.

Your role as an ambassador:

Recruit 10 other people to attend the Expo with your discount code (They will get $5 off). In return, you'll get a free ticket to this year's expo.

Within two days of submitting this form, you will get an email with your Eventbrite discount code to give people if you've been selected.

About the event:

This year's Expo is all about you and your future. Do you want to get a better idea for the world of real working professionals? Do you feel like school doesn't give you enough opportunities to learn about the real world? This event will expose you to the local world of business, entrepreneurship and technology. You'll get a chance to hear from industry professionals who will give you insight into the professional world.

Our goal is to show you what opportunities are out there and help you on a path to your ideal career. The Expo will be a unique event that you will truly enjoy!

Good luck and see you at the Expo!
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