FratMANers Application for Fall 2019
Thank you for your interest in FratMANers (Fraternity Men Against Negative Environments & Rape Situations). Please submit this form. Well-being & Health Promotion will confirm your interest through email if you are accepted. Class takes place Thursdays, 5pm-7:40pm at Calpulli Center. We do rolling acceptance, so the earlier you submit your application the better!

This course is offered for 3 units PH 480 credit. You will not find this specific section of the course on the course schedule. If you would like to take this course you will need to be accepted based on your application, and you will subsequently receive enrollment instructions. Please be advised, attendance is REQUIRED. Most of the content is covered through discussion and guest speakers during class time! Essentially, make sure that this time will work for you when confirming after registration and DO NOT enroll if you have another class at the same time.

Requirements for Applicants:
- Can attend all meetings in their entirety
- Already have earned, or be earning concurrently, 40 units (we can now accept students at a Sophomore academic standing and above!)
- Fraternity membership

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