Stand up for Schools March to Madison 2019

Please use this form to register whether you can march for 60 feet or 60 miles, or if you just plan to stop by to cheer on the marchers for 60 seconds! We need to prepare for each stage of the journey and we need your help!

WHAT: A 60 mile march from Palmyra, Wisconsin to Madison to stand up for the budget our kids deserve, including a 60% reimbursement of special education costs, which was cut from the budget by the Joint Finance Committee (along with $900 MILLION in other public school aids) from the education budget proposal put forward by Governor Tony Evers. By the end of the month, lawmakers will vote on a final budget and we want to see those funds restored.

The march will set an ambitious pace of 20 miles per day, and marchers are invited to join along the way for as much or as little as they wish to walk, or to cheer marchers along at the start of the day and at local rallies along the way. The march will end in Madison where we will call on state leaders to pass the budget that is best for kids by meeting the priority needs of our children. We encourage you to walk at your own pace - we will help everyone "catch up" for the whistle stops and end-of-day points. Whether you can join us for 60 feet or 60 miles, or as someone who wants to cheer for the cause, you are welcome in this action - RSVP below!

Lunch, dinner and breakfast provided for marchers on each day!

WHO and WHY: ALL SUPPORTERS OF STRONG PUBLIC SCHOOLS and all who are ready to say ENOUGH to an era of underfunding and underserving our children. We demand funding fairness, and we're not going to get there with a budget that doesn't even keep up with inflation. We are done cheering for budget crumbs and demand the state meet its obligation to Wisconsin's children.

WHEN AND WHERE: ** All times and locations are tentative. Final schedule will be published when confirmed. ** Schools listed as placemakers until confirmed. Daily walk time is approximately 8 hours/day (with stops for breaks, lunch)
Sat June 22: Palmyra to Fort Atkinson HS | 18 miles
Sun June 23: Fort Atkinson to Deerfield | 16.5 miles
Mon June 24: Deerfield to Sun Prairie | 17.5 miles
Tues June 25: Sun Prairie to State Capitol | 14 miles total | Last stretch: ALL STATE CALL TO ACTION: Join us for the last 2 miles! Meet at 12:30 at Madison East High School

Click here for the complete lineup of locations and speakers at each “whistlestop” rally June 22-25:

Sat June 22
9:00 am Rally and March Launch - Palmyra
March 8.4 miles to Hebron
12:30 pm Lunch/Whistlestop - Hebron
March 9.5 miles to Fort Atkinson
5:00 pm Fort Atkinson Middle School

Sunday June 23:
8:30 am Depart Fort Atkinson Middle School
March to 10 miles to Cambridge (rest stop in Oakland)
12:30 pm Lunch/Whistlestop - Cambridge
March 6. 5 miles to Deerfield
5:00 pm Deerfield High School

Monday June 24:
8:30 am Depart Deerfield High School
March 9 miles to Marshall
12:30 pm Lunch/Whistlestop - Marshall HS
March 8.5 miles to Sun Prairie
5:00 pm Sun Prairie Patrick Marsh Middle School

Tuesday June 25:
8:30 am Depart Patrick Marsh Middle School Sun Prairie
March 10.5 miles to East High School
12:30 pm Lunch/Whistlestop East High School
March 2 miles to State Capitol
2:00 pm Arrive State Capitol


In May, the Joint Finance Committee cut $900 million from the Governor's education budget. The budget currently on the table doesn't even keep pace with inflation, but is being touted as a "major investment" in public schools.


We are calling on all lawmakers to restore this essential and feasible funding to the budget before they send it to the Governor's desk. Specifically, we are calling for a restoration of the special education funds (to a 60% reimbursement level), mental health aids, poverty aid, and aid for English Language Learners that was cut from the budget.

​​Milwaukee school board member Megan O'Halloran first announced that she intends to march to Madison to draw attention to the inadequacy of state funding for so many districts around the state. We applaud her willingness to take a public stand and the immediate offer of many others to join her. It seems clear that there are many people around the state who have testified, sent letters, and feel ignored - they are looking for ways to be heard and do all they can in the final days before the budget is passed to call for fair funding and make sure the budget that gets to the Governor is one that meets our kids' needs.

For more information, email Heather DuBois Bourenane at


If there are individuals who are not able to walk or only wish to walk part of the day, we plan to have limited support vehicles that can provide rides. Our goal is to make this accessible to as many people as possible. If you plan on joining for only part of the march, please make sure to arrange your own transportation home from the launch and end points.

Things for Marchers:

All marchers must sign a waiver and emergency contact form, these will be made available every morning before marching begins.

Children under 18 must have a parent / guardian with them for the entirety of their participation in the March, especially if staying overnight

Additional information for marchers and tips for preparations available here:

Donations of water/snacks/gear for marchers can be dropped off at Milwaukee (MTEA office), Racine (REA office), Lake Mills, La Crosse (LEA office), Green Bay (GBEA office), Kenosha (KEA office) and Madison (WEAC/MTI office). Thanks to our partners for hosting these collection sites!

CASH DONATIONS: You can donate online at or text STAND to (608) 530-6667 to support the march.

Things for Media:

If you'd like to coordinate contacting/interviewing marchers in the field, or have general media inquires about the march, contact Heather DuBois Bourenane at (608) 572-1696.

This march for education is another way to support the fight for public education in Wisconsin. It is a symbol of our solidarity and a reflection of the need to stand up for our children no matter how long it takes. Marches have a historical legacy in the United States. They draw attention to crucial issues affecting our society and help drive policy.


FOX VALLEY: June 21st: STAND UP FOR FOX CITIES SCHOOLS: Sign making 10:30 a.m. Appleton Public Library, 11:30 a.m. Walk to Sen. Roth's office on College Avenue, 12 p.m. Sign Rally on College Avenue. See more here:

I will join the march as a marcher. NOTE: Marchers are free to march for as little or long as they like. Please provide an estimate of the leg/s you would like to join, but do not feel obligated to walk longer than you can. A shuttle will be available to return you to your vehicle throughout the day.
For multiple-day marchers. Overnight accommodations will be available at various host sites (churches, schools and private residences). Please let us know if you plan to stay with the group or find your own accommodations.
I will cheer on the marchers at a whistle stop or start time
I would like to make a donation
TEAM SPIRIT! Marchers are asked to wear green GO PUBLIC, blue I LOVE MY SCHOOL AND I VOTE, or their own team/district spirit wear. Let us know if you need a shirt ($10 donation at pick up).
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