Corporate Venture Building Self-Assessment Tool
Welcome to FutureLabs Ventures Corporate Venture Building Self-Assessment Tool! Here, you will find a set of questions that can help you assess and score your organization on its Corporate Venture Building capabilities.

Once you have submitted, we will send you an illustrative chart on where your organization stands based on FutureLabs Venture's own metrics covered within our guide, that can serve as a stepping stone on your journey towards disruptive innovation and corporate venture building.
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Section A: Understanding Importance of Corporate Venture Building
Q1) Does the leadership team recognizes disruption threats and considers it an important strategic priority for the business? *
Q2) Does your organization focus on disruptive innovation, going beyond the core? *
Section B: Define Goals & Aspirations for your Venture Build Program
Q3a) Does your organization have well-defined goals for disruptive innovation? *
Q3b) Across which of these 3 dimensions? *
Q4) Is your organization more focused on "spin-ins"/next BUs or "spin-out" ventures? *
Q5) Is there a clear owner to drive innovation including building/scaling new ventures?" *
Section C: Portfolio Stage Gates & Investments
Q6) How much do you invest in disruptive innovation as a % of revenue? (e.g., CVCs, Venture builds, Accelerators/Early-stage startup partnerships in adjacent business segments) *
Q7) Is there a separate budget allocation for disruptive innovation/projects vis a vis the core? *
Q8) Do you have a clear process with stage-gates and capital allocation criteria defined? *
Section D: Agile Decision Making
Q9) How long do you take to make decisions on key stage-gates/pivots for new ventures *
Q10) Does your organization have a clear investment committee and how often do they meet? *
Q11) Does your organization have a structure or mechanism in place to support and build out of new ideas independent of legacy systems and processes? (e.g. procurement/technology/management approvals) *
Q12) Is the venture team empowered to take action and make decisions crucial to the success of the venture? *
Q13) Is venture building experience embedded within your investment committee/decision making on new business opportunities? *
Section E: Talent & Incentives
Q14) Do you incentivize the founders to make the venture a success? How? *
Q15) Which financing option does your company explore? *
Q16) Are you willing to accept a non-controlling stake in a new scalable venture opportunity backed by your organization? *
Q17) Does your organization systematically identify entrepreneurial talent to pursue the new business building opportunities? *
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