Application formula for Compassion Training Course in Wroclaw, certificated by Mindfulness Association (UK)
On 11-12th May 2019, we begin Compassion Training Course in Wroclaw, certified by Mindfulness Association (UK). We invite you to join us and register for the course.

This course provides an in depth personal practice experience and it is ideal for those who have completed the Certified Mindfulness Training Course and who wish to continue to develop their mindfulness practice so as to hold inner experience with warmth and kindness.

It meets the annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness teachers and is open to Mindfulness teachers who are trained in other approaches, such as MBSR and MBCT. It is a pre-requisite for Mindfulness teachers who wish to learn to teach our CBLC course.

If you complete one of the mindfulness courses like: MBSR, MBCT, Breathworks, MBCL and you are interested in taking part in our Certfied Compassion Training Course we invite you to complete the content during the 2nd and 3rd module of the Certified Mindfulness Training Course. After completing them you will be able to approach the Certified Compassion Training Course.

If you are a mindfulness teacher in one of the approaches: MBSR, MBCT, Breathworks, MBCL and you are interested in teaching Compassion, we invite you to complete the content during the 2nd and 3rd module of the Certified Mindfulness Training Course and then attend to Certified Compassion Course and a retreat for future CBLC teachers.

2nd and 3rd modules of Certified Mindfulness Training Course are available in Wroclaw:
24-25.11.2018 - Module Two: Noticing Distraction
12-13.01.2019 - Module Three: Self-acceptance

Only Successful completion of the retreat for future CBLC teachers is a way to independently deliver 8-week CBLC courses.`Read more about Compassion Teacher Training Pathway:


11-12.05.2019 - Module One: The Basics of the Compassion
6-7.07.2019 - Module Two: Working with Inner Critic
21-22.09.2019 - Module Three: Four Immeasurables
16-17.11.2019 - Module Four: Compassion in action

Annick Nevejan and Anna Zubrzycki

Olaf Budek

Poruszenie Joga, ul.Norwida 22/4, Wrocław

The course will be led in English with translation into Polish.

The fee/charge for the first module is dependent on the date of payment:
Promotional offer – payment by 11.03.2019 - 800 PLN
Payment by 11.04.2019 - 850 PLN
Payment after 11.04.2019 - 900 PLN
With the resignation from participation in the first course module until 22.04.2019. the fee is fully refundable, after this date the fee is not refundable.

The fee for further modules is 850 PLN. Deadline for payment is one month before each successive weekend.

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Mindfulness Association Polska website :


Please make your payment to:

Account holder:
Fundacja Voices
ul. W. Roentgena 10/14
50-362 Wrocław

Account number:
29 1240 4025 1111 0010 6239 9853
BIC Code / SWIFT Code Bank Pekao S.A. - PKOPPLPWXXX
IBAN - PL29124040251111001062399853

Payment reference:
“Compassion module 1”, your full name and email address ( without the @ - please make a space in its place)

Numbers are limited.

The company:
Fundacja Voices
ul.Wilhelma Roentgena 10/14
50-362 Wrocław
NIP: 898-22-10-788
Numer KRS: 0000528085

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