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Please complete this form to join the MM Core Group Program. Your answers will help us match you with the appropriate Core Group.

All of this information will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with any source outside of the Core Group Administrators and MM Executive.

Your email address will be given to other members of the Core Group you are assigned to in order to establish your group communication.
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Please provide the name and mobile phone number of an emergency contact. Although this is not mandatory, we encourage participants to provide this information as an extra measure of safety in the event of a crisis.(Note: We will only use this information if we believe you are in danger of being harmed, harming yourself, or harming another).
Is there someone (or a group of people) in particular that you would like to be in the same Core Group with? If so, please provide the name they go by or the group you'd like to be matched with.
Is there anything else about your relationship with alcohol that you think we should know to help us match you to your MM Core Group?
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