MJPS Fall 2019 Social Media Team Member Application

Thank you for your interest in the McGill Journal of Political Studies Online! The MJPS Online is the McGill Political Science Students' Association's online publication, dedicated to providing insightful political analysis. We cover topics that fall under the four disciplines of political science offered at McGill: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, and Canadian Politics. We are looking for members to join our social media team for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Social media team members will contribute to the day-to-day management of the MJPS's social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Responsibilities will include sharing of articles on Facebook and Twitter almost daily, making for a weekly time commitment of around 3-5 hours. Members will also be asked to attend occasional team meetings with the social media team and/or the entire MJPS team, around once a month. Beyond this, social media team members will work with the Social Media Director to determine the overall social media direction of the publication, share ideas for social media projects, and contribute to social media projects of interest to the team member.

Social media team members are not required to have experience in the topics of any section, as they will largely be working based off of existing articles produced by staff writers and editors with knowledge on a topic. However, we will do our best to ensure that social media members are assigned to share articles from sections that interest them.

International Relations: international bodies and relations between nation-states
Comparative Politics: analyzing domestic politics through comparison between countries
Canadian Politics: all things related to Canadian domestic and international politics
Political Theory: thoughtful analysis of political theory and, where possible, its application to current events

To apply, please fill out the form below. Please keep individual answers to a maximum of 250 words. Thank you for your interest!

For any questions, please feel free to contact eicmjps@gmail.com.

Catharina O'Donnell
Editor-in-Chief, MJPS Online
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Year and Program
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Why are you interested in becoming a member of the social media team at the McGill Journal of Political Studies Online?
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What is your past experience with social media? Please outline any professional or personal experience of relevance, especially noting familiarity with Facebook and Twitter.
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Optionally, please link any social media pages, personal or professional, which highlight your ability to manage social media content.
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As a member of the social media team, you will help develop ideas for ways to increase readership and interest in the MJPS. What current ideas do you have?
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MJPS prides itself in its positive team environment. In your eyes, what is the most important quality to have as a member of a team?
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Knowledge of specific political science sections is not mandatory for the social media position. However, we try to match members with sections according to their expertise. Please rate your familiarity with each of the following sections:
Note: Comparative Politics covers the domestic politics of non-Canadian countries. International Relations covers the foreign relations between multiple countries and at the level of international organizations such as the United Nations.
1 - No knowledge
2 - General familiarity
3 - Significant understanding
Canadian Politics
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Political Theory
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