French Revolution - The Reign of Terror and the Rise of Napoleon
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1. Which of the following events caused many of the peasants to become upset with the Jacobins? *
2. Which of the following was formed by radicals within the French Revolution to deal with "Enemies of the Republic?" *
3. Which of the following individuals governed France as more or less a dictator during the Reign of Terror? *
4. During the Reign of Terror, many French citizens were executed for which of the following reasons? *
5. Which of the following ended Robespierre's control of France? *
6. Napoleon took control of France after which of the following? *
7. In the box below, type in one fact you highlighted in the Reign of Terror passage. *
8. In the box below, copy and paste your answers to questions 1-4 from your google slides document into the box below. *
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