Charlecote Mill
Charlecote Mill is one of only a small handful of surviving commercial working watermills in the UK and retains all the atmosphere and charm of a mill run in Victorian times. Most of the processes used are as they would have been over 200 years ago and wherever possible grain is sourced from local farms keeping the food miles to almost zero! This truly is a place where time stands still and where quality and tradition blend perfectly to produce the unique Charlecote flours.

The miller, Karl Grevatt, opens the mill to the public on specific Sundays throughout the summer. On the open days he has offered our Branch a pitch, completely free of charge, where we’re able to set up a small marquee to display information, leaflets, maybe an observation hive and if we wish, to sell local honey and hive products. Open days run from 11.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you are interested in helping at these events please complete the form below or contact Bernard Brown on 01926 843416 or for more information.

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Open days at the Mill - please indicate if you'd like to help and if there's sufficient interest we'll let the miller know:
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