I AM an ARCHER Nomination Form
The I AM an Archer recognition program is designed to recognize accomplishments and to reward positive traits in youth. It begins with the opportunity of rewarding archers with a merit pin.

• The I Am an Archer recognition program is an optional program
• Must be an OAS participating school
• The student should be a participant in the OAS program
• The student must uphold the OAS Athlete Code of Conduct
• OAS Instructor must submit this nomination form
• Once a pin is earned, it cannot be earned again
• Nomination forms must be submitted by May 15

Identify these traits that are deserving of recognition and reward:
• RESPECT- #IAMRESPECTFUL: For youth who demonstrates respect for peers and adults, understands clear rules and consequences. Youth shows respect for equipment and school environment.
• COMPETENCE - #IAMCOMPETENT: For youth who demonstrates planning and decision making. Youth can resist negative peer pressure and seeks a peaceful resolution to conflict.
• LEADERSHIP - #IAMALEADER: For youth who shows service to others, shows understanding of a safe environment, is a positive influence, and models responsible behavior.
• HONOR - #IAMHONORABLE: For youth who places high value on helping other people. Youth acts on convictions and stands up for his or her beliefs.
• CONFIDENCE - #IAMCONFIDENT: For youth who demonstrates control over things that happen to them and demonstrates self-esteem. Youth understand that life has a purpose.

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