Thank you for your interest in transporting with the Delta Animal Rescue Transport Group! Please complete the information below.  We look forward to working with you!

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Terms and Conditions
The Delta Group reserves the right to inspect any shelter /rescue documents prior to accepting a transport request.
The Delta Group utilizes our flight privileges to fly small cats and dogs under the seat.  This is done on a space available basis.  We are the last to board after paying passengers have been seated.  That said, we are unable to provide a guarantee for any scheduled flight or date.  Changes can occur up until the time of boarding  and therefore necessitate that all parties be available and flexible if schedules should change.  This is not the transport of choice for rescues that are not near one of Delta’s airports for that reason.  We ask all parties to be familiar with Facebook Messenger as all transporter communications are completed via that platform.  Sender will provide a medium Sherpa soft sided carrier (max dimensions 18”L x 11”W x 10.5”T) unless transporter supplies their own.

The transport experience is stressful for any pet, and for that reason, we will discuss sedation with you for the pet.  Please be prepared to secure this from your vet at the time you receive your health certificate.  We have found Benadryl  not to be consistently reliable. We ask that all pets be crate trained or have spent time in the carrier prior to travel date.
Please do not submit this request unless you are prepared to be “on call” and willing to dropoff and pickup at whatever hour is dictated by available seats.  Dropoffs and pickups are only at the airport.

I submit the information provided is honest and accurate. I understand the conditions of transport and will abide by them or be subject to removal from the group and consideration for future transports.                                                

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