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...black bakers/content creators and bakers of color are underrepresented by big media and brands -- we want to be inspired by more diverse creatives in our baking industry
...the wedding industry is extremely whitewashed -- it's hard to find black vendors

...BUYERS: this is a list that will hopefully serve as a resource for potential customers who are actively trying to support black-owned businesses. Black cake makers can be extra hard to find, because the specialty cake and wedding industry highlights mostly only white vendors

...SPONSORS: this is a list that will hopefully serve as a resource for brands and corporations. Black bakers are underrepresented when it comes to talent sponsorships. We need more black bakers and leaders in the spotlight!


If you own a cake business and you are a person of color, please enter your business info below so we can share it with the world. All of this info will be released openly, and we will be looking for partners to attract as many eyes to it as possible.

We hope that this effort can help counter the systemic racism that permeates every facet of our lives. There are countless ways to fight racism. One is with your wallet.

Callie (@calliethebaker), Jade (@ivyandstone__), & Amanda (@butter_and)
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