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Whether you've noticed it or not, Discraft has been out of spotlight for a few years. And while some of the disc golf community may have seen this as a weakness, we'd have to humbly disagree. This break has allowed our R&D department flourish under the radar. We've revamped our ESP line with a beautifully grippy swirl blend, developed our innovative SuperColor technology into something the world has never seen - again, and released molds that will find a place in your bag after just one throw. We have expanded our facilities, built a new office, are constructing a brand new website are fully prepped to explode with a whole new push back into the limelight.

Part of this new push includes opening the doors to a group of promoters. Players on the ground who are helping us expand into new territory in ways we cannot do on our own. This includes local clubs, events, social media, YouTube, etc. Helping other players, new and old, realize just how much they are missing out on. We want to know what you can do, but also how you're going to do it. Being a good person is as important as what you bring to the table. We will be picky, so take this form as seriously as you'd like us to take you.

There is a reason we mention quality and consistency in our slogan, because it's something we focus on every day. Take your time, think through your answers, and show us: WHY YOU?
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