Stonemaier Subscriber Demographic Survey 2018
Please answer all questions for yourself, not for others in your gaming group.
What is your gender?
Which game length (playing time) is most appealing to you?
Does rulebook length impact your willingness to learn and teach a game?
What is the typical player count when you play games?
Which style of game do you get the most excited about?
In general, if you hear about a game you really want, what's the maximum price you'll pay before seriously reconsidering the purchase?
Which place did you use the MOST for buying games this year?
Which place did you use the LEAST for buying games this year?
In which type of situation do you typically play games?
This year, how many different campaign, legacy, or ongoing games did you play?
The number is unique games, not unique sessions.
This year, how many gaming conventions did you attend?
Do you regularly rate games on BoardGameGeek?
Which of our games do you not own (but really wish you did)?
If you answer this question and note your e-mail address below, we may contact you about this game in the future.
What is your e-mail address?
This is for prize drawing. While we will treat this data anonymously, if you would prefer for your e-mail to be separate from the survey leave this blank, open up a new survey, and fill out only this answer.
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