Wairarapa Music Classes with Jonáš
- Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass, Drums, Djembe, Flutes, Recorder, Harmonica, Accordion, Singing, Sitar...

Please read this, before you fill in the form:
- INTENTION - It is very important to ask yourself what is your intention for the classes. Do you want to play for yourself or become a rock star? Do you want to learn a song for a special occasion? Something else?

- COMMITMENT - Your home practice is essential for good progress in mastering your skills! Are you ready to commit to regular practice, ideally daily?

- OPTIONS - You can have individual lessons, group lessons (five or more students) or a family band, where I support your family (or other group) to learn a variety of instruments to play together.

- FIRST TRIAL CLASS - You can start with a trial lesson to have a better understanding of how I work and then decide if you want to continue or not.

- COST - The usual cost is:

$35 / 40 minute PRIVATE lesson
$12 / 40 minute GROUP lesson (at least five students)
We can individually arrange shorter (30 minutes) or longer (60 minutes) lessons
$75 / 60 minute THERAPEUTIC music session

- PAYMENTS - I will send an invoice for the whole term in advance, and it is up to you if you pay the whole thing or weekly, fortnightly... I just check on the end of the term to make sure that it went through.

- CANCELLATION - I can't offer a refund if you don't show up for class. I have a limited number of spaces, so by signing up you are reserving your space for the term, which is why I invoice for the whole term. Of course I will offer a full refund if I have to cancel a class.

Looking forward to having some upbeat fun with you!
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