WASC Student Survey - 2017
This survey will help us understand how our students see our programs. We will use what you share to assess how we are doing and to plan to make our school even better. THANK YOU for participating!
Which RAS Program are you currently in?
Which RAS programs are you aware of? (Check the box next to all that apply.)
Which RAS Program(s) have you previously enrolled in?
How did you hear about RAS?
How far do you travel to get to your classes?
What form of transportation do you use to get to your classes?
Which campus do you attend?
RAS facilities are clean, safe and well-maintained to provide an effective learning environment?
I trust the school leadership at Redlands Adult School (Principal, Counselors, Teachers, Office Staff).
I feel I have a voice in helping make the institution better.
RAS provides effective learning resources (or access to such resources) to support my learning needs.
I feel I have adequate access to technology and other resources that support my instructional needs.
I feel the class(es) I took provided meaningful learning experiences.
I know the adult school counselor is available to all students for career, educational, and personal counseling/guidance.
I have met with the school counselor for assistance with career, college, job preparation, or other assistance.
RAS teachers and counselors were effective in helping me meet my academic and/or career goals.
I received an orientation from RAS prior to enrolling in my first class.
I know that RAS helps people train for and get jobs.
Have you visited our website www.redlandsadultschool.org?
Redlands Adult School functions in an organized way.
If I am struggling academically I know there are people and resources available to assist me.
RAS students are respectful to teachers.
RAS teachers are respectful to students.
RAS provides a rigorous (challenging) curriculum.
What do you plan to do after completing your program at Redlands Adult School?
Is there anything you would like us to know about your experience at Redlands Adult School?
Your answer
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