CUTV members speak out
Released November 14, 2012

On November 2, some members received an email explaining that the CUTV building had been closed for several days and would remain closed until November 5. Some members recieved no emails. Next, former-news director Aaron Lakoff resigned citing “a difficult work conflict” as his reason.

Next on November 13 some members received an email titled ‘Save CUTV’ asking us to gather to discuss moving forward. That is the extent of official communication CUTV members have received regarding what is clearly a serious situation that has landed the station - and the community surrounding it - into a crisis. The current public statements made under the name of CUTV do not represent the popular opinion of the membership, as they were never consulted prior to dissemination. Furthermore, we are strongly opposed to the misrepresentation and vilification of staff and community members throughout this conflict under the banner of CUTV.

Meanwhile, the Link newspaper published two articles revealing the legal limbo CUTV is in, the resignation of Laura Kneale the former station manager, the resignation of one of the provisional Board members and Concordia University’s decision to lock-down the station and freeze its accounts. We find the fact that we had to rely on external news sources to find out about the internal mismanagement of the station is disheartening. The question for us, as CUTV members, is how did it come to this and why were we not informed?

The information of how and why we find ourselves in this situation has not been accessible to us. Though we appreciate the time and effort full-time staff devote to the station, we, the members who volunteer our time and effort, and for whom the station should be run by and for, have been shut out of this conflict and the search for solutions so far. It has been disappointing and frustrating to watch from the outside as the station we contributed time and energy to seems to be crumbling. We need transparency, open communication and change which includes an accessible and comprehensive grievance process available for the members and staff, as its inaccessibility has been a major obstacle in the resolution of this conflict.

As members of CUTV we recognize that we have a large part to play in achieving these goals. Members must be involved in this process and we ask that all parties involved in this conflict - CUTV staff, Concordia and the CSBC - work to include us. However, our commitment to being involved in this process is unwavering - we want to be involved in finding solutions.

In this spirit we are making the following demands:

The immediate establishment of a Provisional Board of Directors to manage CUTV on a day-to-day basis, gather necessary paperwork (such as station budgets, audits and by laws), liaise with CUTV’s stakeholders (the CSBC, Concordia, CUTV staff and members) and organize an Annual General Assembly.
- The Provisional Board of Directors should be composed of at least three students and three community members.

That the organization of a Special General Assembly to be held within 12 days after the publication of this letter with representatives from the current provisional Board of Directors, the Concordia Broadcasting Society, at least one from CSU, at least half of CUTV staff and a minimum of 20 CUTV members present.

That at this Special General Assembly the following action items be placed on the agenda:
- The election of a new provisional Board of Directors legally-recognized by the Quebec government, the CSBC and Concordia
- The election of a Steering Committee
- A proposition towards a non-hierarchical management structure of the station.
- Redefining the roles and responsibilities of the staff.
- A proposition of revised by laws, accordingly to the above items.

That action be taken to review alleged workers’ rights violations by an independent body, which would produce a report with recommendations.

If the list of demands are not addressed, CUTV members are prepared to take further actions, including but not limited to abstaining from producing any content for the station.

We want to take back our station. Community media is for the community by the community. We are some of the CUTV community and we want to work this out.

The undersigned CUTV members

Maryse Poisson
Mikelaï Cervera
Éric Giroux
Tim Powell
Jadis Dumas
Nawfal Zamani
Kian Ettehadieh
Emily Campbell
Justine Smith
Nik Yur
Clifton Nicholas
William Ray
Alexandre Laberge
Jimmy Bellemare
Mathieu Potvin
Laura Kneale
Melina Giubilaro
Christine Charest
Guillaume Lajoie
Michael Bramadat-Willcock
Tiberius Brastaviceanu
Laura Goehler
Musa Al-salem
Michelle Moore
Julian Ward
Jean-Philippe Thériault
Benjamin Jebrak
Francisco Peres
Maegan Broadhurst
Jie Wu
Martin Sauvageau
Leah Batstone
Gilbert Fachkha
Bernardo de Alvarenga
Zina Oukil
Catherine Poitras Auger
Antoine Marin
Daniella Tran Van
Bassam Hajj
Patricia Ferris
Natasha Pereiro
David Widgington
Olivier D. Asselin
Michel Pilon
Elsa Jabre
Albéric Filhol
Erin Hudson
Linda Duchesne
Fábio Ramalho

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