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At Seattle's Magnuson Park, there are more than 170 low-income families which have been extremely hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these families have furloughed or laid-off parents. Most of these families have school-age children.

We've launched a month-long campaign together with two nonprofits: Solid Ground at Magnuson and Mercy Magnuson Park to help bring the families that live there two urgent needs they've identified:

* Grocery Gift Cards, and
* Remote-learning capable laptops and tablets.

100% of the funds raised via the GoFundMe (link attached at the bottom) go to the purchase of grocery cards, distributing them to families with the greatest need.

In addition to the GoFundMe, we are looking for working laptops or tablets made after 2013 that you'd like to donate. If you've got a working laptop or tablet that you're no longer using, instructions on drop-off can be found at

We'd love your support with either or both items -- please buy a grocery gift card or two, and drop off a laptop that you no longer use! #bigthanks to you for helping your neighbors in need!

GoFundMe Link:

THANK YOU for your generosity!
Requirements for Laptops, Notebooks or Tablets

--- WiFi-enabled (able to connect to the internet)

--- Made in or after 2013

--- The laptop or tablet is working and usable in its current condition (no broken screens)

--- Working power cord/power supply
Please wipe the memory or factory reset the device!
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We have limited pickup options for those who truly cannot leave the house. If you need pickup assistance, what's your address?
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