Journey to Uganda Application and Visitor's Policy & Waiver
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Visitor's Policy & Waiver

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to visit the projects that Just Like My Child Foundation supports in Uganda. We take our partnerships on the ground in Uganda very seriously and as a visitor, you are representing Just Like My Child Foundation. We request you to help us in reviewing and abiding by the following policy to ensure your visit with us is a success. All visitors, volunteers and service providers who are traveling with Just Like My Child Foundation to Uganda are asked to sign this document in the space provided below.
The items you are agreeing to below are to protect YOU and to protect the process of development Just Like My Child is engaged in with its partners on the ground. You will surely be inspired during your visit to make an even broader contribution/difference in the lives of the people we serve. By following the agreements below, you can best ensure that your investments and commitments will have long-lasting, impact that provide a hand up, not a hand out AND provide you with the knowledge you are making a TRUE difference.

1. The people of Uganda are very important to Just Like My Child Foundation. We do our best to handle all situations and treat all individuals with respect and dignity and we request you to do the same.

2. We expect that all visitors traveling with Just Like My Child Foundation be as culturally sensitive and courteous in their dress, manner and conduct as possible. Please review the document “A Visitors Guide for Travel to Uganda” that has been given to you by Just Like My Child Foundation prior to your visit and let us know if you should have any questions prior to or during your trip.

3. Any form of sexual exploitation, sexual advances and/or child abuse by any visitor constitutes gross misconduct and said visit will be terminated immediately. Noncompliance with these requirements will be taken seriously. This will involve legal action in the United States if appropriate.

4. As a visitor, you are requested to stay with the Just Like My Child Foundation group. We ask that you involve Just Like My Child representatives in all conversations regarding programs or expanding programs with our local partners on the ground in Uganda. There should be no discussion with our Ugandan partners of creating new programs outside of Just Like My Child Foundation’s strategic initiatives on the ground. Please do have these conversations with a JLMC staff member. We urge you to utilize your visit with us in Uganda as an opportunity to learn and observe in order to inform yourself of the complexities of the context and the value that comes in sustainable strategies.

5. We ask that you consult with a Just Like My Child representative prior to exchanging phone, mailing or email addresses between yourself and local partners/sponsorship recipients.

6. We ask that all donations and gifts of any size (food, toys, money, buildings) for Bishop Asili Hospital, village communities and sponsorship recipients, including their families, be coordinated through a JLMC representative.

7. We ask all visitors to abide by Just Like My Child Foundations discretion when taking photographs, videos or obtaining stories from people while visiting our projects or traveling within the country with us. We request visitors to respect all Ugandans dignity and their right to privacy. Please request the permission of all individuals you wish to photograph as a sign of respect. A good contrast would be to imagine how you would feel in North America if a stranger began taking photographs of you in your home without your permission or any introduction.

8. If you are shooting photos and videos of our projects, we ask that Just Like My Child Foundation be credited when the content appears publicly and that any media or content be approved by us before published and shown to a larger audience.

9. Visitors must be 15 years of age or older and minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

By typing your full name below, you are confirming that you have read and understand the Just Like My Child Foundation document “A Visitors Guide to Travel in Uganda’ as well as this document “Visitors Policy and Waiver” and agree to abide by their instructions during your stay in Uganda.

You also understand that you are visiting a developing country, which has very different customs, practices, diseases and safety measures than you are accustomed to in the United States. You accept full responsibility for your behavior and any consequences that may result from your behavior in this country. You agree that, in the event you are injured or harmed during your travel to, stay in, and/or travel home from Uganda (or any country which you will be stopping in during your travels), you will hold JUST LIKE MY CHILD FOUNDATION harmless, including but not limited to, the corporation, its agents, directors, employees or any other party traveling with you, from any liability or expense as a result of any such injury or harm which you may sustain. You agree to assume any and all risks associated with the travel on which you are about to embark with JUST LIKE MY CHILD FOUNDATION.

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