MALT Fall 2021 Invitation
MALT is accepting proposals for both in-person AND online courses. We are thrilled to prepare for the the fall term, welcome back instructors who have taught with MALT before, and meet new ones! The fall term will run from September 18th - December 19th. The deadline for submitting course proposals is June 9th. We are asking that returning and new instructors fill out the same form, as this will give you a chance to create new courses and update old courses each term.

The mission of the Mt. Airy Learning Tree (MALT) is to strengthen and enrich the diverse community of Northwest Philadelphia by providing opportunities for individuals to come together in educational and recreational activities.

MALT operates as a community-based non-profit corporation, with a small part-time staff and volunteer board. We are committed to the value of life-long learning, contributing to the welfare of our community, and providing a good deal of fun along the way.
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