Increase Minimum Wage
The WSA is calling for the University to gradually increase on-campus minimum wage to $11/hour by 2021. This change would cover everyone's minimum wage -- NOT JUST STUDENTS!

By 2021, 7 out of the 11 colleges in the NESCAC will have an $11/hour minimum wage or higher, and 8 out of the 11 will have a higher minimum wage than Wesleyan (along with Trinity and Connecticut at $10.10/hr).

According to Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid Michael Albano, “fewer than 15% of students realize their full work-study award allocation.” A recent student-driven survey of work study students at Wesleyan found that of students who said they did not fulfill their entire work study award, 86.8% said it was “difficult to balance work and academics.”

Students should be focusing on their studies, not working strenuous hours to fill this allotment or stressing about how their families might have to make up the difference if they aren’t able to.

Administrators declined to fund this initiative earlier this year, citing the small difference it would make in the number of hours that work study students need to fulfill their maximum award. They also suggested that we should wait for potential changes to federal financial aid and Connecticut minimum wage laws to occur.

We disagree. We believe that no matter what happens in DC or Hartford, Wesleyan's workers are an integral part of our community and they should be compensated as well as their counterparts at other schools.

If you want to see this happen, please sign and share this petition! We will also be tabling in Usdan on weekdays from Thursday 4/19 to Wednesday 4/25.
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