SCHOOL GARDEN COACH Pilot Program Application
The Maine School Garden Network is proud to present a new pilot program to provide TWO $2000 mini grants for paid School Garden Coaches to two schools in Maine, thanks to the generous support of the Sewall Foundation ( We are excited to partner with these grant recipients to provide mentorship in this pilot program, while creating a School Garden Coach handbook and co-hosting events with the Coaches to share information and experience, and to promote the concept.

To qualify, schools must:
1. Have a school garden program (of any size, capacity, involvement level, etc.)
2. Have the support of the administration to continue the School Garden Coach program upon the successful completion of the pilot program supported by this grant
3. Have a person in mind who is willing and able to be a Coach, including involvement during the summer months.

Visit or contact us at for more information.

PLEASE SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION BY AUGUST 1ST, 2016. We will have a candidate selected by August 16th, 2016 in order to get the mini grants out as soon as possible and get the programs rolling. Final grant reporting must be completed in July 2017.

Thank you for your interest and participation!

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Will your school be able to financially support a school garden coach after the completion of a successful pilot program? What will that look like? *
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Briefly describe your school garden. *
When was the garden started? *
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How has your school garden interacted with MSGN? *
What has been the greatest success in the program? *
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Who will be designated as the School Garden Coach? *
What is their current role with the school? What are their current responsibilities? *
What is their background and experience that makes them suitable for this position and likely to succeed in this role? *
Please describe their commitment to this program. (How much time have they committed weekly? How long have they been involved? etc.) *
Is the School Garden Coach willing and able to commit to manage the program over the summer months? *
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