Creating Groups for Community Based Assessments of Transformative In-Prison Programs
Thank you everybody who attended the April 23, 2019 webinar "Pre/Post Surveys | Making the Case for Community-Run In-Prison Programs".

As a coalition, our next step is for members to self-sort themselves into 2-3 different groups by filling out the short survey below. In these groups, we will collaboratively create program-relevant questions for our pre/post assessments.

This is the first step towards equipping ourselves to run our own research and evaluation, based on our expertise and what we know are the transformative impacts of community-run programs. We are excited to harness the collective power of our groups to produce the evidence based results that California legislature and CDCR are increasingly applying pressure to deliver.

If you have not already viewed the webinar, please do so before completing this survey. View the webinar recording HERE:

What are the top 5 attitudes and behaviors you are trying to change?
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