DiSCOVER 2019 Application
The Mon Sheong Foundation is proud to present DiSCOVER 2019, our biennial cultural youth development program! DiSCOVER is a 3-month program, which offers participants a unique opportunity to learn and experience the many facets of Chinese culture. The program includes Mandarin lessons and cultural workshops that focus on cultivating leadership, inspiring volunteerism, and nurturing curiosity as life-long learners.

This all culminates in a 15-day trip to various cities across China with a group of individuals like yourself. You will get to explore Chinese culture first hand, have the opportunity to engage with students from top universities in China, and experience landmark sites including the Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors - an experience unlike any other.
Here is some key information to consider:

● Program enrollment fee is approximately $2,500* (includes the cost of the leadership retreat, Mandarin classes, cultural workshops, and a 15-day trip to China)
* Price is subject to change. Excludes additional minor incidental fees.

● The entire program runs from the end of April to August

● The Leadership Retreat will take place from May 3rd to 5th, 2019

● The trip to China will start in July 2019

As DiSCOVER 2019 is heavily subsidized by the Mon Sheong Foundation, our donors and our sponsors, we are only able to select 20 to 25 participants for the program. To determine your eligibility, please refer to Page 5 of this application package. For all inquiries, please contact Willa Tam, Volunteer Coordinator, by phone at (416) 291-3898 x 3022 or by email at

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