Wedding Booking
Please complete our pre-application confirmations below to book in your wedding date. The remaining legal information for the register will be undertaken at a meeting with the Vicar on the main paper application form. Your date is not secure until this form is submitted. We may print this and ask you to sign a copy to keep on file, especially if you book a long way ahead, but your submission implies agreement with all the things you indicate below.
Full Names of both parties
We are applying to be married at St Peter's Harton on/at:
Date agreed - please check the year is correct *
Time agreed *
and we have read and understood the following:
That one of us must reside in the parish or demonstrate a qualifying connection to St Peter’s, as listed in the information booklet or that we will attend worship here regularly. In the latter case, we understand that until we have attended habitually for six months and until then the wedding cannot be confirmed. *
If either of us lives outside the parish, we acknowledge our responsibility to apply for banns of marriage to be called in our parish(es) of residence, and understand that without certificate(s), a wedding cannot take place. *
We acknowledge that the exact fees for our wedding will not be available until January each year and we accept the fee which will be notified at that time. We understand that a wedding cannot take place without all fees having been paid. *
We understand that if we are not the only wedding on the day we choose, it may not be possible for us to bring extra decoration into the church in advance of half an hour before the service. *
We will ensure that if any of our contact details or addresses change between booking and the wedding, we will notify the church to enable communication to continue (eg fees notification). If you cannot contact us, we understand we risk our wedding being cancelled! *
We accept that the practice of St Peter’s is to discourage photography and not to allow video during services. We will ensure our photographer knows this and will ask them to abide by this. *
Important bits
Address *
Email address (by all means give us one for each of you) *
Phone number (by all means give us two) *
We are both UK nationals *
We have been married before *
Submitting this form will hold your proposed date for you on file. We will use your information only for contacting you with regard to your wedding, and in line with the data protection and privacy policy on our website. If you would like to be kept informed of events at the church you may be interested in, you are welcome to indicate that below - you can always unsubscribe.
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