NASW-WA Call for Presenters
NASW-WA seeks high-quality, professional, and diverse workshops for our continuing education program. NASW-WA is an approved continuing education provider for licensed social workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and Licensed Mental Health Counselors in the State of Washington. At times, NASW-WA will partner with other NASW state chapters and the national office to offer content adhering to state-specific guidelines.

If you are an expert in your field and are interested in working with us, please submit a workshop proposal below!

The NASW-WA Chapter seeks proposals for 1 hour and up to 6-hour presentations covering a broad range of topics including:
• Ethics
• Diversity
• Suicide Prevention
• Youth and Family (At Risk Youth, Youth Suicide)
• Self-Care
• Policy Information
• Sex Trafficking
• Child Welfare
• Geriatric
• Aging population
• Crisis Intervention

Specific areas of interest expressed by our members include:
1. Clinical Practice Skills (CBT, MI, DBT, TF-CBT, ACT, SFBT, EMDR, IFS, PTSD)
2. Ethics & Law
3. Social Justice
4. Population or Setting-Specific
5. Telehealth
6. Supervision Skills

Presentation Requirements
• Provides advanced-level themes taught by licensed and non-licensed experts
• Offers curriculum that has been highly rated by other audiences
• Includes content specific to treatment modalities
• Include how content may apply to clinical and macro level social work
• Emphasizes activities such as group discussion, vignettes, and case studies
• Include content that demonstrates respect, appreciation and knowledge of current diversity
issues related to the topic.

Application Deadline
Please complete and submit the application before 5:00pm the last day of each month.

Presenter Expectations
• At this time, presentations will be over zoom and the fee paid for each presentation will be negotiated between the individual presenter and NASW-WA Staff. Any paid presenters will need to provide a W9; NASW-WA provides a contract.
• At this time, there is no need for travel, hotels, or transportation since all workshops are virtual.

Instructor Qualifications
Instructors must have at least two of the following minimum qualifications:
• A license, registration, or certificate in an area related to the subject matter of the course and free from restrictions due to disciplinary action by the State of Washington health care regulatory agency.
• A master’s or higher degree from an educational institution in an area related to the subject matter of the course;
• Training, certification, or experience in teaching subject matter related to the subject matter of the course; or
• At least two years demonstrated experience in an area related to the subject matter.

Continuing Education Guidelines
Sixty minutes of instruction is equal to one CEU. Breaks are not counted as instructional time. Training, education, and course work must incorporate one or more of the following:
• Aspects of the discipline which are functioning to the understanding or the practice of social work.
• Aspects of the social work discipline in which significant recent development have occurred.
• Aspects of other related disciplines that enhance the understanding or practice of social work.
• A system of continuing education for social workers which includes courses directly related to the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of client populations being served.
• Adherence to NASW Continuing Professional Education Standards, NASW Code of Ethics, and any other applicable standards related to the subject matter.

Course Content Requirements
• The content will be related to direct or indirect patient and client care.
• Direct patient or client care courses will cover specialty areas of therapy (e.g. theoretical frameworks for clinical practice, intervention techniques with individuals, couples, or groups).
• Indirect patient or client care courses will cover pragmatic aspects of clinical practice (e.g. legal or ethical issues, consultation, record keeping, office management, insurance risks and benefits, managed care issues, research obligations, supervision training).
• A course must have specific and measurable learning objectives. Upon completion, there must be an evaluation method utilized.

Demonstrated Need for workshop
Provide a one paragraph explanation of why this program is needed specific to social work practice.

NASW-WA Chapter will make all reasonable accommodations for registrants with special needs. Registrants requiring special accommodations are requested to notify NASW-WA 30 days in advance by contacting the chapter office.

NASW-WA requests that presenters agree to abide by the following:
• Whenever possible, use videos with closed captioning.
• If the video is not encoded for closed captioning, provide alternative activity if requested.
• Upon request, provide instructional materials based on the attendee’s special need.
• Be prepared to download instructional materials on a flash drive for vision-impaired or blind registrants.
• Upon request, enlarge instructional materials not created by the instructor.
• Create slides/visual items to be large and bright.
• Work with Sign Language Interpreters when required.
• To allow registrants to audio/video record portions of the class with the agreement they will use only for their own study purposes.

NASW-WA Chapter Diversity Guidelines
All presentations must include content that demonstrates respect, appreciation, and knowledge of current diversity issues related to the topic. Regardless of the subject matter or presentation format, course content must include the significance of diversity factors in relation to appropriate and effective diagnosis, intervention, and treatment including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic class, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and immigration status.
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