6.102 spring 2024 classtime problem report
You can use this form to describe issues that prevented you from participating fully in a 6.102 class.  Issues might include:
  • network problems
  • website access problems
  • laptop or battery failures
  • illness or personal situations
Note that the automatic makeup policy covers all these situations as well.  You do not need to fill out this form to take advantage of the automatic makeup policy.

The staff won't be able to reply to anything you submit to this form, but it will be considered at the end of the semester if it might make a difference in final grading.

It won't help to use this form to repeatedly report the same technical problem.  Ask for help from the staff to resolve the issue.

If you are having a serious personal situation that affects your ability to participate in the class, please reach out to S^3 and the 6.102 instructors.
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This form is only for issues encountered during classtime.
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