Boat Donation Form
Please fill out this form in its entirety. We will be in touch with any follow up questions and will let you know if we have the capacity to accept your boat at this time. Thank you for considering Urban Boatbuilders; we are so appreciative of your support!

We can only accept boats that are sale ready or require only minor repairs that can be completed during our volunteer open shop night.

Boats should be:
- Canoe size or smaller (maximum 20’ in length)
- Under 200 lbs.

Full Name
What is the best way for us to contact you, and when are you generally available?
What type of boat are you interested in donating? (Please specify model, length, weight, materials, etc.)
How old is this boat / what is its history? Does it require any minor repair work?
Do you have an estimated value for this boat?
Is the boat available now? Are you able to drop it off at the Urban Boatbuilders shop?
Please upload a photo of the boat.
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