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PCGen Questionnaire
We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience!
Would you like to see a character builder wizard? (a step by step character creator helper)
Would you like to see a progress bar when building characters?
Are the users ready for a total UI overhaul or incremental changes over time?
Would you like to see entries in the UI change depending on what game system is loaded?
Would you like to see optional rules switches in character building controls?
Would you like to see parts of the character building process broken up in more specific sections? For instance: Stats and physical appearance tab, Race tab, Class tab, etc.
Would you like to see tabs/sections appear and disappear as needed? For instance, at start, there is a Stat Block, Race, and Class section. When a class is chosen, wizard, the spells section appears.
Would you like to see a non-editable, collapsible, panel that gives overall breakdown of data from all sections?
In regards to above panel, would you prefer it by default to be open or closed?
In terms of user experience, what is important to you?
How do you feel about the PCGen logo?
What kind of change would you want in the PCGen logo?
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