Kicking for a Cause - Sponsorship

Prospective Sponsor,

We are truly appreciative of your support to your local community and the Kicking for a Cause Kickball Tournament.

This kickball tournament is to bring awareness to the ever-continuous stream of violence that wreaks havoc on all our communities. But what’s the point some may ask? What is the connection between violence and kickball? And how does playing kickball help put an end to it?

The upfront answer is that this may be a pointless effort. This kickball tournament might not put a single dent in the occurrence of violence. And yet, on the other hand, this may very well do just that!

Reflecting on the power of sports to connect people on a national and international level one can imagine just how important playing together, on ONE field, really is to our local communities. Exchanging high-fives, trash-talking, sitting in the stands, connecting with “your” team, and celebratory hugs with strangers…there is something truly euphoric about it. The common love for a sport can transcend boundaries and common differences, even if just for a few hours.

So, we ask you, become a part of the effort to invigorate community connectedness! Lets form a social capital, where connections are made and strengthened by coming together to watch or have discussions. Lets get back that physical manifestation of a shared joy and love for our team, for our city.

Lets Kick it for a Cause!

Below is a “Sponsorship Level Details” fact sheet for your review. If you are interested, please fill out this form. We look forward to your participation and can’t wait to meet you on the field!
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