CAA Call for Artists - August 2017 "Small Works" Member Exhibit at Concord Library
DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS 7/10/17. Maximum dimension for 2D and 3D work is 12" in any direction. No entry fee; but there's a 10% donation on any sales. Work may also be NFS if you prefer. Open to CAA members only - annual dues must be paid and current. One submission per artist.
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As an artist with work for sale, you are responsible for your own decisions about holding a California resale license, paying your sales tax to the state, holding a City of Concord business license, and/or reporting your sales as income when you file your regular taxes. Sales tax will not be collected by CAA; you may include sales tax in your own pricing. You are also responsible for your artwork - neither CAA, other artists, nor the Concord Library will be held accountable for damage, theft or loss of your items, whether attended or unattended.
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