MidoriCon 2019 Panel Submission
Think you have what it takes to present at MidoriCon? Show us what you've got! Maybe you have nerdy knowledge to share? A creative passion perhaps? From tantalizing trivia to rousing round table discussions, demonstrations of crafting, cosplays, and more, we're ready for anything you have to throw at us.

Fandom subjects from all across the globe are welcome, but anime, gaming, and Japanese culture will always be at the heart of our schedule. We’re looking for the best in volunteer panelists and can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

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We're a smaller, more intimate fandom event - with the exclusivity that our venue space provides, we really like knowing who we're working with! We want to support kind people with creative, ambitious spirits. We're hoping that means you!
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Lead Panelist will be the one receiving badge compensation if 4+ hours of appropriate programming time is approved. If 5 hours are approved by the Lead Panelist and Co-Panelist, the Co-Panelist will also receive badge compensation. Please see our Panelist Compensation Policy for rules on badge compensation.
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What got you into your favorite fandom? What keeps you there? (There's no right or wrong answer here; we just want to get to know ya!)
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MidoriCon Prizes Creativity!
Our attendees have all sorts of interests that we're looking to help foster. MidoriCon encourages connection, growth, and fun, so prepare to get creative and engage with your audience.
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You're doing great! Home stretch! Tell us some of the details we'll need to know while scheduling your panel at our venue. Get ready to check some boxes and bubbles!
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Panels will begin as early as 11am Friday this year and close up at 11pm; on Saturday, panels will run from 10am to 12am; and on Sunday, 10am to 2pm. Give us an idea of your availability over the weekend.
Almost Done!
Once you submit your desired programming, our Programming Director will review and contact you within two to three weeks. Final programming will not be chosen until July, so feel free to keep in touch. We thank you for your patience while we curate programming this year for our attendees.
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