Sites of Girlhood Nomination
Use this form to submit a historic site, home, monument, or other public space related to girls and girlhood. All entries will be reviewed by our team to verify their location and history before being added to the Sites of Girlhood project.

*Notes: for the purposes of the project, ‘girl’ is defined as a person who identifies as female 21 years and under.

Providing your name and email is optional. Girl Museum will use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and only contact you if necessary to verify information in your nomination.
First and Last Name of Girl (if known)
Village/Town/City and Country from where she is best known (birth/death/significant event) *
Birth/Death Dates (if known)
History of Girl/ Description of Significance (include dates if possible to verify ‘girl’ status) *
Virtual/Physical Memorial Type, if known
Inscription on the Memorial, if available
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