Permias NYC 2017-2018 Open Recruitment
Permias NYC is recruiting new members for the 2017-2018 term! Find a role that suits you and join our team!
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You can choose one or two positions that you're interested in, selection will be based on department's need
Department of Public Programs
Permias NYC’s Department of Public Program oversees the conception, production and engagement aspect of our temporary events and permanent projects, which includes, but not limited to, Welcoming Night for New Students, Networking Night, Welcome Book For Indonesian Student in NYC, Sports Competitions, Permias NYC’s Arts & Cultural Events, etc.
Department of Operation and Human Resources
Department of Operation and Finance oversees Permias NYC’s members internal engagement, elections and general operation strategy.
Creative Department
The Creative Department will be in charge in developing visual identity and branding of Permias NYC. This department oversee the creation of every publication and images published on behalf of Permias NYC.
Department of Finance
Department of Finance oversees Permias NYC's cash flow, development of Permias NYC's new grant-searching strategies and also managing relationship with potential sponsors, including but not limited to Indonesian Banks, Indonesian professionals in New York and KJRI New York.
Didn’t find the position you’re looking for? Write to us ( and let us know how would you like to participate in Permias NYC
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