Application for MetaMovements Youth Arts Ambassadors Program
Thank you for your interest in working with MetaMovements Community Programs this summer as a Youth Arts Ambassador for Health and Social Change. We have several funding sources that make this program possible and look forward to reviewing your application. Whether you have worked with us in the past or not, this application is required as part of our selection process as spaces are limited. To qualify, you must be a young person between the ages of 15-18 currently residing in either Boston or Cambridge.
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Please list the details on your most recent (or current) job. Job Title + Short description of responsibilities and dates worked.
Our internship involves activities that often require you to step into a leadership position or engage with different kinds of communities. *
Please describe your past experience in leadership and community engagement.
MetaMovements is passionate about growth and development through our internship programs. *
Please describe your professional goals so that we may better understand how you would like to develop this summer:
Our programs are all geared towards recognizing social issues and creating positive solutions to these issues. *
Please describe what improvements you would like to see within your community and how you believe they could be accomplished.
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Please describe any possible conflicts with this position this summer (other part time jobs, vacations, holidays, etc.)
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Will your parents or legal guardians mind if you have to travel to different worksites in Cambridge and Boston?
FOR RETURNING YOUTH AMBASSADORS ONLY: If you worked with us in the past, let us know why you would like to work with us again. Additionally let us know in what ways you feel you could lead a specific project this summer.
Think big! Are there any projects you would like to manage? Any new initiatives you'd like to start?
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