Nyvinter Commission Form
Filling out this form is not a guarantee that I'll pick up the commission.

There are things to think about.
1a. the prices are not fixed! They can change   due to the subject matter and if it will   take time or if it's complicated.
1b. This means that yes, there is a vehicle tax. Vehicles are boring to draw. faces are fun and   are far less likely to fluctuate.
1c. Likewise with doing a group of characters, I normally don't get much group request so mail me and we'll figure it out.
2. Have a good idea what you want to commission. "Do what you want" may sound cool but it's not. References are a good thing, photos or earlier commissions are preferred to just text.
3. Payment is handled by paypal for convenience. at least half up front, instalments possible on arrangement.
4. Prices here are for non-commercial commissions. For commercial work (print, pdf, posters): mail me at nicklas@nyvinter.se.
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