May the 4th
Star Wars Musical Themes
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In movies, characters are often given their own theme music. Those themes are also called "leitmotifs." It is pronounced "light-mow-teefs," and was popularized by Richard Wagner in the 1800s. Leitmotifs create strong attachment to a character or idea in movies.
Listen to the musical leitmotifs for each of these Star Wars characters.
Leia Skywalker Theme
Hans Solo Theme
Obi-Wan Kenobi Theme
Darth Vader Theme
Cantina Band
Force Theme
A Collection Of Others (OPTIONAL)
Watch this Cello Wars medley of some of the themes you listened to above.
List the characters/themes you recognized in the Cello Wars video. (hint: there are at least 3) *
What character's leitmotif is your favorite? Why? *
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