Winter Walk/Bike Event Pledge Form
Use this form to request erasers to use as Winter Walk/Bike incentives.

Missing the hot chocolate? We are too! Next year, when COVID restrictions make it easier to provide food items, we'll offer hot chocolate again.

Note: Any school that requests erasers will receive them. (For those of you who are looking for a mask request form--all of the masks have been claimed)

If you have any questions, contact
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Will your school participate in a Winter Walk/Bike Event?
We are accepting a much wider variety of events this year, due to COVID. Any activity that the school promotes that gets students outside walking or biking will count towards the challenge this year.
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Would you like us to send some assorted mini-erasers to your school to incentivize student participation in your Winter Walk/Bike Event?
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How many erasers would you like us to send you?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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