Big Dango OOC Application
A brief out-of-character application to the FC Big Dango. No information will be collected that you don't input on this sheet. Visit our site for more information:
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Applying to the FC implies that you have reviewed our website, Code of Conduct, and RP Guidelines. If it comes up down the line that your character is a Primal Reaper Dark Knight shrouded in forever-darkness who can't play by the rules, we will not apologize for the adjustments you will be required to make! ( *
Age *
Discord Name#1234 *
In-game Name.
You must have a character on Goblin to apply to DANGO. Please at least have an alt made by the time you get to your interview so that our officers don't have to chase you around.

DANGO is an FC dedicated to its member base. We aim to maintain a tightknit community with a strong culture, and that requires mercs to engage with other Gigs, their officers, and be present on our Company grounds. For this reason, we will only accept applicants with a character on Goblin who can join the FC.
Timezone *
What kind of content do you enjoy, and what brings you to DANGO? *
Give us a brief idea of what your character is/would be about. It's ok if you don't really know yet. Alternatively, you can link a character sheet/bio if you have one.
How did you find DANGO? (If by referrer, who?) *
Any questions, or anything you'd like to add?
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