Support Student Health! BCSSH Online Petition
Currently, Boston College does not provide the following health initiatives for its students:

-Condoms on campus (including Health Services)
-Free and anonymous STI testing
-Birth control for contraceptive means
-Emergency contraception (also known as Plan B)
-Comprehensive sexual health information
-Positive and inclusive sexual decision-making programming

Our BC is better than this.

Boston College Students for Sexual Health (BCSSH) is an unofficial student group that fills this void. We provide invaluable comprehensive sexual health information and resources for all students, and we empower students to make their own healthy and informed decisions.

We ask you to support BCSSH and our mission, and to support student health. Sign this petition!
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The Petition:
"We, the members of Boston College Students for Sexual Health and the following signatories - all of whom are students, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the Boston College community - demand that Boston College take a more realistic, pragmatic, and responsible approach to the sexual and reproductive health of its students. We demand an on-campus Sexual Health Resource Center, either as an extension of the Office Health Promotion or through Health Services that will provide:

1. Access to contraceptives, birth control, and emergency contraception on campus
2. Free STI testing through Health Services
3. Comprehensive and inclusive sexual health information
4. Positive sexual decision-making programming

We also demand that all of these are implemented in a transparent and expedient manner, including student representation in every step of the process, by the start of the 2013-2014 academic year."
Support Student Health!
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