Town of Saltcoats Community Survey
With an increase in community expectations and a desire to keep rate increases to a minimum, local governments are struggling to continue to provide a broad range of services to their communities.

One of the challenges facing much of local government is to clearly define and articulate levels of service and the cost options available so that the community can make an informed decision on the levels of service that they receive and are prepared to pay for.

The challenge, therefore, is to document meaningful levels of service that cover all that customers expect and from which informed sustainable budget decisions can be made.
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Please answer the following questions about demographics in your home.
1. How long have you lived in or owned a home in Saltcoats? *
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2. How many people live in your household? What are their ages? *
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3. Please provide your street address in Saltcoats. *
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Levels of Service
Please consider the following Levels of Service and rate accordingly by circling your choice.
Please indicate if you would like to have less, more or the same levels of service in these areas.
1. a)Roads
b) Roads
2. a) Sidewalks
b) Sidewalks
3. a) Water Quality (ie. smell, taste, clarity)
b) Water Quality (ie. smell, taste, clarity)
4. a) Snow Clearing
b) Snow Clearing
5. a) Garbage & Recycling Services
b) Garbage & Recycling Services
6. Please check any services you feel should be decreased in the future:
7. Please check any services you feel should be increased in the future:
8. Please choose the top 3 issues you see facing our town
9. The following are projects facing the town presently or in the near future. Please number from most to least important. (Row 1 being most and Row 4 being least)
Street Paving
Lagoon Expansion
Upgrade to Water Treatment Plant
Landfill Decommissioning
Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Administrative/ Customer Services
Please answer the following questions about Administration and Customer Service
1. Overall, would you like to see higher or lower levels of service in this area?
2. a) How satisfied are you with the level of staffing in our community?
b) Would you like to see the level of staffing:
3. How satisfied are you with the communication from our office?
4. How satisfied are you with the bylaw enforcement in our community?
5. How would you prefer to receive information from the town? Check all that apply.
6. How satisfied are you with the helpfulness and knowledge of our town staff?
7. How would you like to see the town balance the budget?
General Questions
Please answer the following questions about our community.
1. How would you rate your quality of life in Saltcoats?
2. How often, in an average month, do you volunteer in the community?
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3. When was the last time you spoke to council about council business?
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4. How many council members should Saltcoats have on council?
5. How do you feel council could be more transparent?
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6. What prohibits you from running to serve on town council?
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7. Do you have any further comments for council to consider when discussing the items/issues mentioned in this survey?
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