Student Voice Survey Grades 3-5
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My Teacher pushes us to think hard about things we read.
My teacher pushes everybody to work hard.
In this class we have to think hard about the writing we do.
In this class we learn to correct our mistakes.
This class is neat- everything has a place and things are easy to find.
My teacher explains things in very orderly ways.
My teacher knows when the class understands and when we do not.
My teacher takes the time to summarize what we learn each day.
When my teacher marks my work, they write on my papers to help me understand.
My classmates behave the way my teacher wants them to.
Our class stays busy and does not waste time.
Students behave so badly in this class that it slows down our learning.
School work is interesting.
We have interesting homework.
Homework helps me learn.
My teacher in this class makes me feel that they really care about me.
If I am sad or angry, my teacher helps me feel better.
My teacher seems to know if something is bothering me.
My teacher gives us time to explain our ideas.
My teacher wants us to share our thoughts.
Students speak up and share their ideas about class work.
My teacher wants me to explain my answers- why I think what I think.
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