Malta Attractiveness Survey for AI Professionals, Researchers and Entrepreneurs

This Survey is being sourced by the Malta.AI ( Working group on Education & Work whose aim is to make Malta one of the top countries in AI worldwide.

This survey is aimed at professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs working in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Malta is aiming to be one of the leading countries in the field of AI worldwide and because of this, it is gearing up to attract professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs in order to work in Malta. Digital Transformation is happening as we speak and Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is emerging fast in every sphere and as such, it will be one of the main driving forces in this transformation. In particular, there will be an enormous amount of activity in the technical arena, where most of the ICT companies and development centres will have to adapt their products and services to include AI at different levels. To help us set up one of the most attractive environments, we would highly appreciate you view in the following survey.
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